External claddings

The firm SAP srl, with its different system meeting any requirement in the field of the realization of facades and window frames, offers complete facades, partitions, reticular structures.
The building used for work, sport, commercial and social activities, present many functional and architectural requirements. The many possible utilizations of our wooden facades and door frames, make them meet all these requirements: from the very simple frame to a complete facade, including all intermediate types.
SAP srl can realize any designs and architectural solutions.

The ALUMETAL system is a light cladding that consits of panels of different shape, height and colour, hooked to a metal structure. The structure can be fixed on every type of existing built. The aestetical effect obtained is modern and original and the system allows innumerable variations. It is possible to separate the cladding from the wall, keeping a distance which guarantees an adequate ventilation and a new design of the buildings without structural changes. Architects and designers use, always more frequently, prefabricated materials such as structural facades, curtain walls and recently big opaque panels because they are economical, easy to install and handle. ALUMETAL™ is the ideal material for these solutions, besides it can also be used with the same advantages for internal linings, such as fancoil covers, walls or columns lining and other internal spaces.

EASYMETAL™ is a modern and original cladding system. The panels, fastened to a load bearing structure, suitable to any surface, allow to obtain high aesthetical and architectonic effects. With EASYMETAL™ the restrictions imposed by architectural elements are overcome, because it is possible to shape the cladding panels directly on site. Special elements such as corners and frames have been designed to be superimposed on the panels, making it possible to obtain an excellent finish for the cladding even if the panels have to be adapted on site.

The LINEAR System is an exterior fašade finishing system based on strips mounted on a load-bearing structure comprising carriers secured to existing walls. This particular type of facing means that various compositional solutions can be achieved by exploiting the possibility of vertical, diagonal or horizontal strip installation techniques. LINEAR is a versatile system offering an economic solution for cladding fašades and canopies that also protects existing facilities against atmospheric agents.

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